Vice Tour Golf Balls Review: Is It The Best Choice?

Golf is a game of precision, technique, and skill. Every golfer understands the importance of selecting the right equipment to optimize their performance on the course. Among the many components that contribute to a golfer’s success, the choice of the best golf balls cannot be overlooked. In this Vice Tour golf balls review, explore their design, performance features, and benefits according to Golf Review Hub expert’s experience on the golf course. Whether you’re a professional golfer or an amateur enthusiast, Vice Tour golf balls have something exceptional to offer.

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What are Vice Tour golf balls?

Vice Tour golf balls are a premium line of golf balls designed to deliver exceptional performance and playability. Crafted with precision and innovation, these golf balls are engineered to enhance distance, accuracy, and control. With a focus on providing golfers with an optimal balance between distance and feel, Vice Tour golf balls have gained popularity among golfers of all skill levels.

Construction and design of Vice Tour golf balls

Vice Tour golf balls are meticulously designed using advanced manufacturing techniques and high-quality materials. The core of the golf ball is engineered to maximize energy transfer, resulting in an impressive distance off the tee. Surrounding the core is a durable mantle layer that helps control spin rates and maintain stability throughout the flight. The outer cover is made from a soft and responsive urethane material, providing excellent greenside control and feel.

Construction and design of Vice Tour golf balls

Performance features of Vice Tour golf balls

Exceptional distance and accuracy

One of the key highlights of Vice Tour golf balls is their ability to generate exceptional distance without sacrificing accuracy. The combination of a high-energy core and low-spin design ensures that the ball launches off the clubface at an impressive speed and carries through the air effortlessly. This translates into longer drives and shorter approach shots, giving golfers a competitive edge.

Consistent ball flight and trajectory

Vice Tour golf balls are engineered to deliver consistent ball flight and trajectory, allowing golfers to predictably shape their shots. The aerodynamic dimple pattern on the surface of the ball optimizes lifting and reduces drag, ensuring stable and penetrating flight. Whether you’re hitting a high fade or a controlled draw, Vice Tour golf balls offer the versatility needed to execute your desired shot shape.

Enhanced greenside control and feel

Around the greens, Vice Tour golf balls excel in providing exceptional control and feel. The soft urethane cover enables golfers to impart the right amount of spin on the ball, allowing for precise shots and improved stopping power on the greens. Whether you’re playing delicate pitches or executing demanding chip shots, Vice Tour golf balls deliver the responsiveness and touch needed for consistent performance.

The technology behind Vice Tour golf balls

Vice Golf has integrated cutting-edge technology into the design and manufacturing of its Tour golf balls. From advanced core materials to aerodynamic dimple patterns, each component is carefully engineered to optimize performance. The combination of innovative technology and meticulous craftsmanship results in golf balls that provide unmatched distance, control, and feel.

Advantages of using Vice Tour golf balls

Lower spin rates for straighter shots

Vice Tour golf balls feature a low-spin design that reduces side spin and promotes straighter shots off the tee. This helps minimize slices and hooks, allowing golfers to hit the fairway more consistently. With Vice Tour golf balls in your bag, you can gain confidence in your swing and improve your overall accuracy.

Durable and long-lasting performance

Vice Tour golf balls are built to withstand the rigors of the game. The durable outer cover and resilient construction ensure that these golf balls maintain their performance characteristics round after round. You can rely on Vice Tour golf balls to deliver consistent results and a satisfying feel, even after extended use.

Affordable pricing

Despite their premium performance and quality, Vice Tour golf balls offer excellent value for money. The brand’s direct-to-consumer model eliminates unnecessary markups, making these high-performance golf balls more accessible to golfers of all budgets. With Vice Tour golf balls, you can enjoy the tour-level performance without breaking the bank.

Different Types of Vice Tour Golf Balls

The Vice Tour golf balls are available in several varieties, each with unique qualities to meet the preferences and performance requirements of diverse players. The goal in creating these golf balls was to strike a balance between distance and course control. Cast urethane cover is a common component of the Vice Tour series, which improves the ball’s feel and control.

Vice Mix Mint Golf Balls

Vice Pro Designed for advanced players seeking high performance, the Vice Pro offers low spin, high control, and an excellent feel. It provides a soft urethane cover and is suitable for players with moderate to high swing speeds.
Vice Pro Plus Similar to the Vice Pro, the Pro Plus offers an even lower spin off the tee, making it ideal for players with high swing speeds who want maximum distance and control.
Vice Tour The ball is designed for players of all skill situations and provides a good balance between distance and control. It features a cast urethane cover and is suitable for moderate swing speeds.
Vice Drive The Vice Drive is designed to maximize distance off the tee. It offers durable Surlyn covers and is suitable for players with varying swing speeds.
Vice Pro Soft As the name suggests, the Pro Soft provides a softer feel compared to other Vice models. It offers low spin and high control, making it suitable for players with moderate swing speeds who prioritize feel.
Vice Pro Soft Lime This variant of the Pro Soft offers the same performance characteristics as the Pro Soft but with a vibrant lime-colored cover, providing enhanced visibility on the course.
Vice Pro Soft Red Similar to the Pro Soft Lime, the Pro Soft Red offers the same performance but features a striking red-colored cover for improved visibility.
Vice Pro Soft White The Pro Soft White is another variant of the Pro Soft, featuring a classic white cover for those who prefer a traditional look.
Vice Pro Neon This model combines the performance characteristics of the Vice Pro with a highly visible neon cover, making it easier to track the ball in flight.
Vice Tour Lime The Vice Tour Lime offers a vibrant lime-colored cover, providing enhanced visibility of the course. This is designed for players seeking a balance between distance and control.

Advances And Disadvances of Vice Tour Golf Balls


  • Provide solid distance
  • Good control of shots
  • Soft feel


  • Higher Price
  • Lack of Customization Options
  • Moderate to high spin rates

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How to choose the right Vice Tour golf ball for your game

Vice Golf offers a range of Vice Tour golf balls, each designed to suit different swing speeds and playing styles. It is essential to select the right ball that complements your game. Golfers with faster swing speeds may benefit from the Vice Tour PRO, which offers lower spin rates and exceptional distances. For golfers with moderate swing speeds, the Vice Tour provides a balance of distance, control, and feel. Consider your swing characteristics and preferences to make an informed decision.

Vice Golf PRO Ball

Final Thought

If you aspire to unlock your utmost golfing potential, look no further than Vice Tour Golf balls as your ultimate choice. With their exceptional distance, accuracy, control, and feel, these golf balls have garnered a reputation for delivering outstanding performances on the course. Crafted with groundbreaking technology and designed to meet the most stringent standards, Vice Tour golf balls present an unparalleled opportunity for golfers at every proficiency level to transcend their game. Experience the difference for yourself and unleash your golfing potential with Vice Tour golf balls.

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